Creators' Rights Alliance - Manifesto for creators - 4: You should get fair pay
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What is needed - 4

The matter of broadcasters imposing publishing deals has been brought to the attention of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) by the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters supported by the Musicians’ Union.

In September 2005 the OFT announced that it did not intend to take matters further at that stage due to “lack of evidence”. However, it appears that the OFT did not communicate with any composers before taking this decision.

The CRA recommends that the OFT reviews this matter, and works harder to understand the mechanics of supply and demand in the creative economy, and adjusts its approach to this sector accordingly.

Policy approaches and legislation that will help creators receive a fairer income for their work will also improve the situation for diligent, legitimate rights exploiters, whose business is to market their works.

In general, to ensure that creators receive fair pay for their work, throughout the life of copyright, it is necessary to ensure, as recommended above and below, that:

  1. exploitation is by licence only;

  2. legislation against unfair contract terms applies equally to IP;

  3. creators can negotiate minimum terms collectively; and

  4. you can enforce your rights as a creator.


^ Manifesto: 4: You should get fair pay

* 5: You must be able to negotiate


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