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Updating your entry from the old Directory

Full entries in the Freelance Directory are now entirely free to freelance NUJ members, including up to three sample photos and an extended text with design - I just pasted in a sample article, with an extra photo in it, and it came out rather nicely.

You need to get yourself a password. Here's how:

  1. Click the link "Forgotten your password?" (Yes, we know, it's us who've forgotten it - security reasons...)
  2. Type in your email address - the one you gave in the old Directory.
  3. Click the "Submit" button.
  4. When the email arrives, copy the random password the Directory has temporarily allocated you.
  5. Come back here, enter your email address, and paste in the password.
  6. Once you're logged in, click the link "Manage my account". Check and change your contact details, your profile details - including giving yourself a password you can remember -, the new extended free extra information and, if you want, your photos (see below).

Click the "Update" button at the bottom each of these sections as you go - and you're done.


  1. The 50 of you who uploaded photos or illustrations will need to re-upload them to the new Directory. You'll probably want to show new ones anyway. We've kept the old captions and descriptions to remind you - and until the switch you can check your entry in the old Directory.
  2. The new Directory needs to know your NUJ membership number before it will show your entry to the world. (No, it won't show your number to anyone but you and the administration.) About 250 of you didn't give it to the old one.
  3. If when you type your email address the Directory replies "This email address is not in the system", then you gave a different one to the old Directory. Try that one, unless you gave none, or you no longer have access to the one you gave, in which case click on the link at the very bottom of any page of this Directory to send a message to the Administrator - give your full name and membership number in the message, and an email address that works.
  4. The new Directory does not show your email address to anyone - instead, people can send you messages by typing into a box in the Directory. So if you get (more) spam, it's nothing to do with the Directory. You can read these when you log in to the Directory, too.
  5. This is a Freelance Directory. You need to tell NUJ Membership Department you're a freelance before your entry will appear to the world. You can still edit your entry - you will see links for who to contact on the first page.
  6. If you find any glitches, please contact me, saying what you did to the Directory, what you hoped would happen, and what did happen.

Mike Holderness

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