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Copyright and Intellectual Property organisations

Acronym translator for international organisations, from Kopinor 

BCC - British Copyright Council

BLACA - British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association

CLA - Copyright Licensing Agency

Copyright Licensing in Schools

CRA-ADC - The Creators' Rights Alliance (CRA) / L'Alliance pour les droits des createurs (ADC), based in Canada

Creative Economy Programme

FACT - Federation Against Copyright Theft

IIPA - International Intellectual Property Alliance

IPI - Intellectual Property Institute

IPO - Intellectual Property Office

Own It - the Creative London Intellectual Property Service

SABIP - Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organisation


CRA library of documents about the Alliance and its policies, maintained by the NUJ's London Freelance Branch

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, as amended 2007

Digital Britain - Government outlines plans for UK's digital transition

Google Books settlement - checklist from NUJ's Freelance newsletter to guide you through its implications

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