Creators' Rights Alliance - Manifesto for creators
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Creators' Rights Manifesto

1Your contribution as an individual creator is uniquely valuable to our culture, our democracy and our economy.

2You have the right to be credited for your work, and to defend its integrity. This is a human right and should be protected like any other.

3You, in common with creators in all other fields, need strong laws and sound contractual practices to defend your rights. Left unregulated, the market will fail.

4You should receive fair pay for all uses of your work, throughout the life of copyright.

5You must be able to negotiate collectively, alongside other creators, to protect your rights and gain a fair share of profits from your work.

6You must be able to enforce the rights you have, so courts and legal processes must be affordable.

7You have a right to know the facts about the value of creativity.


This document goes through these principles one by one. It outlines the issues behind them and give our recommendations for how these principles can be implemented to benefit creators, consumers, our culture and the economy alike.

* Introduction to the Creators' Rights Manifesto


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