Creators' Rights Alliance - Between a rock and a hard place - Appendix 1: Example model contracts
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Contract for freelance journalists

Agreement between

[...] (hereinafter referred to as 'journalist / photographer / programme-maker') {delete as applicable}


[...] (hereinafter referred to as 'publisher / broadcasting company') {delete as applicable}

Journalist/photographer/programme-maker {delete as applicable} agrees to undertake the work referred to in the description hereto for publisher upon the following terms and conditions:

1. Description of the work: [...] {brief description of the work submitted or commissioned}

2. Delivery date:

The work must be delivered by [...] at the latest, in the form of an ordinary hard copy/in digital form {delete as applicable}.

3. Conditions of use/licence:

The work shall be licensed to publisher for publication/broadcast/usage in [...] {publication/medium in which the work is to appear}

The area of distribution is limited to [...] {local area / region / national / European / world­wide / other}

Publisher is entitled to reproduce/broadcast the work on one occasion only. The work may not simultaneously or subsequently be published digitally (eg. via Internet), used for other purposes, or transferred to third parties without an express agreement with journalist / photographer  /programme-maker {delete as applicable}.

4. Fee:

Estimated hours spent (ordinary working hours) [...] at [...] per hour

Inconvenient hours (overtime, night work, weekend) [...] at [...] per hour

Total: [...] to be paid within 14 days after the delivery date.

Once the work has been delivered the actual working hours spent and the final fee must be calculated. Journalist / photographer / programme-maker {delete as applicable} must inform publisher immediately if the estimated time required will be exceed to a significant extent.

5. Expenses:

Travelling expenses [...] per day [...] per kilometre/mile Accommodation [...] per day

Other expenses specified (telephone costs, material needed, illustrations) Total (approx.) [...] to be paid within 14 days after the delivery date.

6. Author's rights:

All author's rights to the work shall remain the property of journalist  / photographer / programme-maker {delete as applicable}. The licence granted to publish or broadcast the work shall expire 3 months after the delivery date referred to in clause 2.

7. Credit line:

Publisher agrees that the following credit line [...] {name of journalist / photographer / programme-maker, date} shall accompany publication or broadcast of the material.


[...] {place} [...] {date}

[...] {publisher}

[...] {journalist / photographer / programme-maker}

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